Full Web Service

The Full Web Service Package is a comprehensive service for those looking for a complete solution for their website needs. This package includes setup, design, construction, and personalized instructions and training. We can provide a quote based on your individual needs and requests.

All Texonimus services start with a consultation to assist you in determining which service is best for you with the features you want and the functions you need, all within your budget.

Services Included in Package

Domain Registration & Setup

We go through potential domain name options for your website, view their availability, register for one or multiple web domains, and complete their setup.

Web Platform Setup

Once we’ve selected the Web Platform that fits your needs, we will setup a new account, select the optimal pricing option, and add your new domain name.

Google Apps Setup

Texonimus will help setup a Google Apps account for you and your organization which includes professional emails, organizational tools, analytics, and online storage and sharing.

Web Platform Review

Together we will review the various menus, functions and tools of your chosen web platform to make you familiar and comfortable navigating the available options.

Layout & Design Assistance

Utilize our experience with various layouts and designs to make your website stand out visually and make it easy for your users to quickly find the information they need.

Advanced Customization

Using CSS and HTML code, Texonimus can bring your vision to life with advanced alterations and customizations beyond what is built into your web platform.

Site Construction

Let Texonimus do the heaving lifting for you. You create the content and we will build a complete website integrating all of the functions and features you need.

Training & Personalized Instructions

Make managing and updating your website easy with personalized written or video instructions and 1 on 1 training to ensure you are comfortable and confident to take control.

Support & Maintenance

Once your website is up and running, we provide support to help with site improvements, troubleshooting issues, and expanding features as needed including 4 free hours.

Additional Services


Select Social Media services (up to 3) and together we will setup accounts, review the various tools, and discuss how businesses use each of them. Additional Social Media platforms can be added for an additional fee.


Receive assistance setting up your Email Marketing service including account setup, website integration, using your iPad/Tablet to collect emails remotely, and training & advice on how to best utilize email marketing.


Through a partnership with Paper Space City, we can provide graphics services to begin building your brand through logos, business cards, and much more. Cost and fees are dependent upon each client’s individual needs.